Thursday, September 30, 2010

Refinish or buy new?

In my quest for a new writing desk, I've started thinking about finding an old beat-up desk and just refinish it.

I've posted an idea for one when it comes to buying new. While searching for other ideas, I came across a really nice writing desk at The that I absolutely love. But there's another part of me that thinks, I can refinish one to be just as cute, maybe not as nice, but as cute. So here's my question... should I buy new or find an old beat up desk that needs some TLC at a 2nd hand store?

If I were to refinish it, I could paint it any color I want, like a soft yellow like this one pictured at Concord Green. I love the soft colors, it really helps the mood of the room. Along with a soft yellow, I love how they put crystal looking knobs on the drawers.

I also LOVE this idea that B's Refurnishings had pictured on their page with fabric covered panels. You can change the panels depending on your mood or season! Love it!

Tell me you're opinion... I need help! 

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Writing Desk

White Writing Desk with Hutch
I have always wanted to re-do our office. We have a pretty nice, old desk in there right now. It was given to my husband from his sister many years before we got married. And she and her husband had it for even longer. It's been nice and served us well. It's just big and... well... BIG! It's a heavy oak corner desk, which again, is nice. I'm very grateful to have it, but I can't change the room around at all. I would like to put a bed in there too. Which with my sewing table, the keyboard piano and this huge thing, that's impossible.

Victor Writing Desk
I would love to get a cute writing desk instead. I love these options because they are big/long enough that I can use them as a sewing table (as long as I have my cutting mat down or cut on the floor.) And I can also use it as a normal desk. The only problem is storage. Can I get away with having only a few drawers when I'm use to having 10?

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Glider Rocking Chairs

Rocker at
My mother in law has the most comfortable glider rocker in her living room. I ask my husband all the time if she would notice if it went missing sometime. He had told me when we have a baby, we can get one of our own. Well, with the arrival of our little guy coming this February, I have started looking for gliders. I've had my eye on this one in particular at

Rocker at
But I also found this at our friends over at I love the 908 series and how many options it comes with! I guess it will come down to the cost.. Tell me, what is your favorite?

Friday, September 17, 2010

Garbage Storage Table

I know its standard for people to have their garbage under the sink, but how cute would it be to go outside the box for a change? I want to find something similar to this Trash Bin Storage Table. I wish it had another trash bin on the other side of the drawers too though. Then you could have your recycling side and your regular garbage side.

Who Choose Bamboo?

Natural resources are being depleted, so what makes bamboo furniture a "green," eco-friendly furniture choice? Some bamboo species grow, well, like weeds! They grow quickly and are known for spreading into other areas. Bamboo grows over 10 times faster than most hardwoods, making bamboo furniture a great way to furnish your home and help keep forests intact. Aside from the fact that bamboo furniture is sustainable, there are plenty of other reasons why bamboo furniture is a great fit for your home.

Reasons to Choose Bamboo:

  1.  Durability: Bamboo furniture can withstand everyday use. It is far more resistant to damage than traditional hardwoods. Bamboo is even used in cutting boards for this reason; it can take the beating of repeated knife use and still remain beautiful, and bamboo is gentler on knife blades than other woods. This comes in handy if you are plan on giving a bamboo chair a good deal of use.
  2. Resistance to swelling and shrinking: Bamboo furniture won't swell or shrink due to atmospheric changes. For this reason, outdoor bamboo furniture withstands the change from humid to dry air and changes in temperature.
  3. Strength: Here's a cool fact: Bamboo's tensile strength is 28,000 per square inch versus 23,000 for steel. Bamboo fibers are also used to strengthen composite materials. What is the key to bamboo's strength? Bamboo grows straight; no other trees grow as straight as bamboo. There are "knuckles," but these variances are consistent and dense and don't weaken the bamboo's structure. When laminated, bamboo's strength is enhanced, and the lamination provides another layer against the wear and tear of use. Bamboo furniture is stronger than most furniture than you have in your home. Instead of feeling that you are settling on furniture for a good cause, remember that you are actually getting more resilient furniture when you choose bamboo furniture.
  4. Selection: Bamboo home furniture comes in more varieties of styles and finishes than before. Furniture designers are using bamboo in innovative designs, either in all-bamboo or composite materials. You can find bamboo chairs, bamboo beds, bamboo bar stools, bamboo headboards and bamboo flooring, just to start. They even make bamboo shirts and bamboo sheets.
  5. Appearance: Bamboo furniture has a fine grain and is available in many stains and finishes. Your style doesn't need to be compromised when you add fashionable bamboo furniture and accessories to your home.
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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Steps in Buying a Reclining Couch

A reclining sofa brings the best of two worlds together: the comfort of a recliner and the size of a couch or loveseat. Before you buy a reclining couch, there are a few things to keep in mind that will make your purchase easier and ensure that you are more than pleased with your new piece of furniture.

Buying a Reclining Couch:

  1. Pick the color for your new reclining sofa. If you already have established your decor, you can use this for inspiration for your new sofa. It is best to stick with a color that will wear well and that will allow you several different options in terms of matching with your existing flooring.
  2. Select the fabric for your sofa. If you have several children and pets, a leather reclining sofa may be subjected to excessive wear and tear. Picking a durable fabric that will be both stain- and tear-resistant might be a better choice. But if you don't have to worry as much about spills and animals on your furniture, leather furniture has a timeless look and unbeatable comfort.
  3. Measure the space where your couch will be placed. Most reclining sofas will require at the minimum a few inches of space between the wall and the sofa itself to allow for full extension of the recliner. This step will also help you avoid picking a sofa that is either too big or too small for the existing space.
  4. Decide what other features are important to you. Reclining sofas typically include other options, such as a fold-down, center console with cup holders or even different types of reclining mechanisms. Other features may include treated fabric for stain resistance or even the type of trim on the sofa itself.
  5. Pick a sofa you will love for a long time. Your reclining sofa will be with you for many years, and you will likely be spending a lot of time on it. So be comfortable with this piece of furniture as the centerpiece of your living room.
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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Caring for you Microfiber Couch or Loveseat

Microsuede fabric has a unique texture that accentuates a color's depth and contrast, making it an excellent upholstery choice for furniture. The superior stain-resistance of a microfiber fabric, such as microsuede, means that your sofa and loveseat set will be able to withstand the rigors of daily use by active kids and pets. But to keep your micros's couch or loveseat looking its best, some simple care is required.


  1. Keep it clean. Keep crumbs, dust and dirt off the couch. Vacuuming regularly with a soft-brush attachment will make this quick and easy. How often you need to do this will vary, but it is a good idea to do it every time you vacuum the room the furniture is in.
  2. Clean spills immediately. Microsuede furniture is stain-resistant, so small spills will bead-up instead of soaking into the fabric. This gives you the chance to get some paper towels and soak up the spill before it stains. Soak up as much moisture as possible, including in the cracks between cushions. Wait until the material has dried before sitting on it.
  3. Occasionally, deep-clean your sofa. Microfiber sofas, if cared for, will stay very clean. Occasionally, they will still need a deep cleaning to remove any build-up of dirt and oils. Follow manufacturer's instructions if they are available. Always apply cleaning products an inconspicuous area of the sofa first to test your methods and the color-fastness of the material before cleaning your entire sofa. Microfiber furniture cleaning products make deep-cleaning your sofa easy and safe.
  4. Brush your sofa occasionally. Sometimes after cleaning or if the microfiber material gets soaked, the material can feel a little stiff. This is because the tiny fibers become entangled. Brushing your microfiber couch with a fine-toothed comb will revive the fabric.


Try not to let people sit on your microfiber furniture if they have been sweating heavily. This can leave salt stains that can be difficult to get out of your couch or loveseat.

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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Best Rooms for a Leather Couch

Sinking into the comfortable cushions of a leather couch is an experience not soon forgotten. Once you place leather couch in your room, it won't take long for it to become the favorite seat in the home among family and friends. Whether guests gather on your new leather sofa for a good talk or you curl up on the soft cushions of your leather sectional sofa after a long day's work, you'll be glad you've furnished your home with leather furniture fit for a queen or king. Although a leather couch can pretty much fit into any room in your home, here are a few places they will be especially appreciated.a

Decorating with Leather Couches:


Living room: Of course, the living room is the most popular room in the home to furnish with leather furniture. A leather sofa pushed up near a fireplace creates a warm atmosphere you will love. Amplify your decor by pushing a leather chair with a matching leather ottoman into the corner opposite your new leather couch

Family room: When it's time to furnish your living room with some chic leather furniture, consider leather sectional sofas. When you need enough comfortable seats to fit a large number of people into your family room to watch the big game or enjoy a movie night, a leather sectional will certainly fit the bill. Furnish the opposite wall with a leather sofa or leather loveseat or even a leather recliner. After you have added some leather couches to the design mix, the living room will immediately become the most popular gathering place in your home for family and friends.

Bar: Sure, your bar is going to need some bar stools and a bar table, but why not add to the comfortable atmosphere with a leather couch before the bar? After sitting at the bar, visitors can relax and kick back in your soft leather couch. You'll suddenly be spending more time in your bar than before. Try to get a leather couch that matches the upholstery on your bar stools to tie the room together. If your bar is too small for a full sofa, consider a few leather chairs.

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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

How to Decorate with a Blue Couch

We all have that one piece of furniture we love. Whether it's a blue couch or loveseat, a red leather chair or a knotty pine wood bookcase that has seen better days, it will forever be a part of your home. If you have one special piece of furniture that you must coordinate into the rest of your decor, do it with style by coordinating colors. Blending a blue sofa into an existing living room, den or recreation area is simple. By adding colorful accents such as pillows, rugs and window treatments, you can easily integrate your favorite blue couch into your design scheme. Look below to learn how to decorate with a blue sofa.


  1. Consult a color chart. Blue is a cool-tone primary color. Color theory suggests complementing the blue sofa with red, orange or yellow accents.
  2. Add more blue. Add blue to the room if the sofa is the focal point of the room. Consider placing a printed throw blanket with the same shade of blue over an accompanying chair. Add an area rug that reflects the sofa's shade of blue.
  3. Accent the room. Accent the room with colors complementary to the blue sofa. Add an orange pillow to the sofa. Place a clear glass bowl of lemons and oranges on the coffee table. Hang paintings with scenes of blue sky and fall trees covered in leaves of oranges, reds and yellows.
  4. Think blue and neutrals. Consider forgoing color theory and use various shades of blue and neutrals to complement the blue sofa. Work with shades lighter, darker and similar to the blue sofa. Coordinate with ivory, white, black, tan and browns for a subdued decor.
  5. Decorate with the blue sofa as an accent. Take note of the existing colors in the room and add decorative elements exhibiting those colors to the couch. If existing chairs in the room contain earthy brown and tan colors, add earth-tone pillows to the blue couch. Then, add blue pillows to the earth-tone chairs. Add curtains and an area rug with a floral pattern or pinstripes of blue, brown and tans to unify the room.

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