Thursday, September 30, 2010

Refinish or buy new?

In my quest for a new writing desk, I've started thinking about finding an old beat-up desk and just refinish it.

I've posted an idea for one when it comes to buying new. While searching for other ideas, I came across a really nice writing desk at The that I absolutely love. But there's another part of me that thinks, I can refinish one to be just as cute, maybe not as nice, but as cute. So here's my question... should I buy new or find an old beat up desk that needs some TLC at a 2nd hand store?

If I were to refinish it, I could paint it any color I want, like a soft yellow like this one pictured at Concord Green. I love the soft colors, it really helps the mood of the room. Along with a soft yellow, I love how they put crystal looking knobs on the drawers.

I also LOVE this idea that B's Refurnishings had pictured on their page with fabric covered panels. You can change the panels depending on your mood or season! Love it!

Tell me you're opinion... I need help! 


  1. My sister loves to refinish furniture and she has gotten some great pieces out of her efforts. I've done a little. It can be satisfying but a lot of work.Staining is a sticky mess, but painting is not that bad. Use spray paint for the smaller areas and a foam roller brush for a really smooth finish. If you use a polyurethane coating to make it really durable, just know that it will change the color slightly. It has a yellow tinge to it when it dries. A spray finish might not do the same.

    Have fun!

  2. I've done a little... My bar stools. That was easy though. I just stapled new fabric over the seat cushion and painted them black. I'll post those tomorrow, I completely forgot about them until now. They should be here and not my other blog. How hard is it to refinish bigger stuff though, such as desks, dressers and tables? Also, whats better, the garage or the unfinished basement? Hey, now that you moved back, you can help me! :) haha