Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Top 5 Couch Styles

Whether you call it a sofa or a couch, these pieces of furniture are often the focal part of a living room. They can be arranged in a multitude of ways to provide adequate seating or conversational groupings. Of course, with so many options it can be hard to decide which sofa is right for your home. Look below to learn the top 5 sofa styles.

The Top 5 Sofa Styles:

Sectional: Sectional sofas have gained popularity in recent years because they can be set up in a wide variety of ways. Some choose to set these sofas up in an "L" shape in the corner of a room, while others like to separate the sections into a more conversational arrangement. While most sectionals are divided into two sections, modular sofas are also considered sectionals. Modular couches usually have each seating area separated. This allows homeowners to arrange the sections depending on the number of people who will be using the sofa. Sectionals can be found in cloth or leather, and many offer recliners.

Sleeper: Sleeper sofas are popular because they are dual-purpose. During the day they are used as seating, but at night the cushions can be removed to reveal a foldout bed. Sleeper sofas are an ideal choice for those without a designated guest room. They are simple to set up, and they provide comfortable sleeping. Sleeper sofas are heavier than traditional sofas, but their benefits outweigh the extra weight. Sleeper sofas are traditionally upholstered in cloth.

Loveseat: Usually part of a set, the loveseat sofa is one of the most popular types of living room furniture. Loveseat sofas are fashionable because they offer added seating but don't take up as much room as a traditional sofa. Loveseats are designed for a maximum of two people and can be made from either cloth or leather.

Traditional: The traditional three-seat sofa is still the most popular. Nearly every home has some form of this sofa in the living room. These sofas come in a wide range of colors and fabrics, including microfiber and leather. Depending on the manufacturer and style, the design of the sofa will vary. Some have high backs, and some have removable cushions, while others do not.

Chaise: Chaise sofas are a modern twist on the sectional sofa. Unlike sectional couches that have a separate cushion for each space, chaise sofas have one long cushion that sits at an angle from the rest of the couch. Chaise couches allow for users to lie comfortably without the edge of the cushions poking them.

Find this original buying guide, Top 5 Sofa Styles at Overstock.com.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Kitchen/Dining Room Table

One thing I wish I had was a new Kitchen Table. I know, from the contents of this blog, you would think I'm not very happy with our current furniture. I am, I'm grateful we have what we have. It's just that a lot of what we own has been handed down from older siblings.

My current table has grooves in it, which would be fine but they are a gunk magnet. If there is anything on the table that you need to wipe off, chances are, a lot of it is going to end up in these grooves. The table is really cute but this really bothers me. It came from my sister, who has a couple small kids... Lets just say, it normally has a table cloth on it now. This is the only picture I can find of it right now and it happens that we are creating gingerbread houses in this. Can you imaging what sort of stuff stayed there from that? Appetizing huh? You can see the lighter areas of the table, those are the groves. I just don't know the best way of re-finishing this to fill in the groves.

Below are a few from my wish list. There are only a few requirements for now, the list might grow:
  1. No Grooves
  2. No Glass
  3. Must have room to fit at least 6 adults (possibly more)
  4. Needs to match my kitchen
Frisco 5-piece Dining Set
7-Piece Casual Country Dining Table

Monreau 7-piece Antique Oak Dinette Set

Purchasing or discarding furniture: help minimize waste and save money.

Whether you are buying or discarding furniture, follow these tips to minimize waste and save money.

When purchasing furniture:
  • Make sure to buy durable, long-lasting, classic items that will not damage easily if your home or office relocates, and will remain in style over time.
  • Consider leasing furniture so that the manufacturer or retailer is responsible for reuse, recycling, or disposal at the end of the lease.
  • Ask suppliers about used or remanufactured furniture; prices for quality, remanufactured furniture typically range from 30 to 50 percent less than new furniture.

When discarding furniture:
  • Donate usable furniture to charitable organizations. Before donating items, City Agencies must follow procedures for relinquishment of City property.
  • Recycle damaged metal furniture. Large items that are at least 50 percent metal are required to be recycled in many places, such as NYC.
  • If wooden furniture is too damaged for repair or refurbishing, recycle it by contacting a wood broker to determine if it can be used as scrap wood for mulch, fuel, or other uses. A materials broker can help your Agency find a local recycler.
Find this original article at NYC.GOV.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The things I love about fall!

I love that the weather is changing. It's so cold in the mornings but perfect temperature in the afternoons. The leaves are changing and the scenery is beautiful! I love being outside in the evenings too, there is that smell that just smells like Fall! I love looking at all the Halloween decor people put up on their porches too. It's just a FUN time of year!

Another things I LOVE about Fall are all the SHOPPING deals, especially online. When you work full time, you tend to spend a little more time shopping online than actually going to stores.

I just looked at Overstock's website today and realized they are having their Overstocktober Fall Clearance Event!! They have some great deals on furniture up to 15-25% off! These deals are only good until tomorrow at midnight.

How cute would this bench be in a little girls room:

Lady Bug Green Tufted Bench

Too bad I'm having a boy. If you have any ideas for a BABY BOYS NURSERY, let me know, I need help!!!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

The art of Vinyl

I've been looking for some wall coverings or pictures of some sort to put behind my couch in my main living area. I have a shelf pretty high on the wall so I need something below it. I've been looking in to the vinyl lettering and pictures more and more lately. In my search, I've found myself spending more time over at Etsy. I'm falling in love with the vinyl wall art. Yes, I know it's a little old and trendy, people have been doing it for years, but I never wanted to get in to the trend. Am I too late? Another option I've been toying with is the old vinyl wall sayings. I love this saying too.

Life Not Measured by Breath
Ornate Tree with Birds Vinyl

My walls are a neutral, light color; my shelf above gets changed around with the season; and my couch is about the same color as the one pictured below. As you can see, my walls really need something...

(Similar only in color.)

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

How to Give Your Sofa a Makeover

Of all your furniture, giving your couch a makeover may be the most intimidating. Luckily, learning how to give your furniture a makeover isn't as difficult as you might imagine. With a few simple steps, your sofa will have a fresh, exciting look in no time. Find this original article by clicking here.



  1. Research and visualize. Look online at photos of sofas you like and determine what aspects you're drawn to. Whether you're interested in colors, patterns, materials or another element, take notes and keep them in mind as you go forward with your sofa makeover.
  2. Cover it up. If you're looking for a whole new take on your sofa, a slipcover is often the best option. Use your tape measure to get the precise dimensions of your sofa and then find a slipcover that fits both your sofa and your style.
  3. Add some spice. Some sofas don't need a drastic makeover. If your sofa is in good condition but just needs a bit of spice, consider getting a new set of pillows. These accessories are a quick, easy way to freshen up a piece of furniture.
  4. Think about blankets. Throw blankets can really add to the overall look of your couch. They're also a cozy way to enjoy the comforts of your home. Pick a couple with interesting colors or patterns and you can add true style to your sofa.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Moved this over from my other blog...

I had this on my other blog but thought it belonged better over here:

I have had my eye on this couch for quite some time now. I need your opinion. Where in my house would I be able to put it? It matches my bedroom with my bedding and curtains and I can start looking for more black furniture set. Could I pull off a couch in my bedroom? Or do I try to use it in another room and redecorate entirely? I'm leaning more towards my bedroom.....

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Leather Furniture Grades Fact Sheet

I came across this really interesting article about Leather Furniture Grading Fact Sheet. I so wish I would have found it when D and I were shopping for our leather couches. I had no idea about Aniline, semi-aniline and pigmented leather. I've heard of pigmented but the other kinds... huh?

When shopping for a leather couch or furniture in general, you may notice that leather pieces have a much wider price range than furniture made with other materials. The pricing of leather furniture, in part, has to do with leather grade. Learning the grading system can help you choose the best leather furniture for your home. This leather furniture grades fact sheet should help you in your furniture hunt.

About Leather Furniture Grades: 

  1. Letter and number grades: One of the most difficult things about leather grading in terms of letter or number systems is that there is no industry standard. In other words, grade-six leather might be drastically different in price and value between two different manufacturers. In-house grading systems are only convenient if you're comparing furniture manufactured by the same company. 
  2. Characteristic grading: One standard way of comparing leather is by looking at characteristics. This type of leather grading isn't a number or letter system, but manufacturers will use terms to tell you about leather's color treatment, texture and durability. The most important characteristics are aniline, pigment, grain and correction. 
  3. Aniline, semi-aniline and pigmented: Leather can be classified as aniline, semi-aniline, or pigmented. Aniline leather has not been treated with color in any way. It is least resistant to stains, as well as the most expensive, but has a completely natural look and feel. Semi-aniline leather has been dyed or stained, but in a translucent way so that some of the natural characteristics still shine through. Pigmented leather has an opaque coating of color, which is often stamped with a leather-like texture. It is the most durable and least expensive, making it a great furniture option for active families.
  4. Top-grain versus split: Leather used for furniture is also typically characterized by the layer where it is found on the hide. Top-grain leather comes from the very outside of an animal. This type of leather is inherently more durable, since an animal's skin is its strongest at the surface. Split leather is found below the top layer. It is less durable and has fewer natural markings, but is also less expensive.
  5. Correction: Leather can also be classified as corrected-grain, which means it was sanded or buffed. The terms full-grain and top-grain are sometimes used interchangeably, but this isn't necessarily accurate. Full-grain leather is a type of top-grain leather that hasn't been corrected. This is the most expensive and highest quality leather available, as it is most durable and natural. If top-grain leather is corrected on one side, velvety leather called nubuck is created. Split leather, on the other hand, can be corrected to create suede. Both top-grain leather and split leather can also be corrected slightly to create a smoother surface. 

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Halloween Fun

This is a little off from what I normally post about. With it being Halloween, I've been in a crafty mood lately. And you need decorate your furniture and home for Halloween right?

I've been browsing some blogs for the past little while and found some really cute and easy ideas to try this year. The first one, I already did and the others, I can't wait to try. Tuesday nights are my craft night, so I'm looking forward to an evening full of fun!

First, a friend of mine shared this adorable Halloween Advent Calendar she found over at Oopsey Daisy. She made one for her family and I couldn't resist making one too. The picture is the original, mine is not picture ready yet but I love it! I just need to add the candy... I know I'm a few days late... I'll just eat that many pieces when I'm putting them all on. :)

Kirsti Koo
The next one I found was by complete accident. I can't wait to do this tonight! I found this adorable door mat at Kirsti Koo. She saw something similar at a big box store and found a way not only to make it cuter but for a small fraction of the cost too!

The Soladay Family Blog
Finally, and I'm sure there are more to be added to this list through out the season, I love the idea of putting vinyl bats on your mirrors! The Soladay Family had this idea and I can't wait to try it! I just bought Sure Cuts A Lot 2 from Craft Edge for my Cricut last night. I've already started looking at cute bat's to use.


Friday, October 1, 2010

How to Organize a Home Office or Writing Desk

Whether you use your home office writing desk as your full-time workspace or to pay bills and correspond with loved ones, it can quickly become chaotic and disordered. Not only will having a clean, organized home office desk increase your productivity; it will lower your stress level as well. Once you know where to begin and have a goal in mind, you will have a tidy desk with everything in its place. Take a look below to learn how to organize a home office desk.

Organizing Your Desk:

  1. Take out the trash. Bring a wastebasket and at least two cardboard boxes into your home office. Remove everything from the desk, considering each item as you take it off the desk. Toss obvious trash into the wastebasket. (You may want an extra box to hold things you want to shred.) Place items that belong in another room or that you want to give away in another box. Set the items you need to keep in your home office in the other box.
  2. Find places for desk necessities. Set your day planner or organizer on your desk so that you can quickly and easily use it. If you use a desk calendar, a desk lamp or a telephone in your home office, place those on your home office desk as well. Select your favorite writing utensil and place that on your desk along with a notepad. Everything else should be stored and organized out of sight.
  3. Organize office supplies. Select one drawer in which to organize your office supplies, such as pens, pencils, staplers and tape. Most office desks have a small, narrow drawer near the top that is ideal for these supplies. If your office desk doesn't, you can use a drawer organizer in one of the narrower drawers to neatly contain these items.
  4. Go through the filing drawers. Take the time to go through filing drawers in your home office desk. Shred any documents that are no longer necessary. Label the file folders alphabetically or categorically. For example, you may want to make a file folder labeled "Utility Bills" and another labeled "Receipts."
  5. Deal with wires. Organize the wires behind your desk by bundling them together with small Velcro straps. You can also use cable ties, rubber bands or even hair ties to keep the wires in your home office from becoming a tangled mess.
 I found this article at Overstock.com