Wednesday, October 13, 2010

How to Give Your Sofa a Makeover

Of all your furniture, giving your couch a makeover may be the most intimidating. Luckily, learning how to give your furniture a makeover isn't as difficult as you might imagine. With a few simple steps, your sofa will have a fresh, exciting look in no time. Find this original article by clicking here.



  1. Research and visualize. Look online at photos of sofas you like and determine what aspects you're drawn to. Whether you're interested in colors, patterns, materials or another element, take notes and keep them in mind as you go forward with your sofa makeover.
  2. Cover it up. If you're looking for a whole new take on your sofa, a slipcover is often the best option. Use your tape measure to get the precise dimensions of your sofa and then find a slipcover that fits both your sofa and your style.
  3. Add some spice. Some sofas don't need a drastic makeover. If your sofa is in good condition but just needs a bit of spice, consider getting a new set of pillows. These accessories are a quick, easy way to freshen up a piece of furniture.
  4. Think about blankets. Throw blankets can really add to the overall look of your couch. They're also a cozy way to enjoy the comforts of your home. Pick a couple with interesting colors or patterns and you can add true style to your sofa.


  1. I swear my mother had that same sofa in green. Miss that old couch.

  2. I just gave away my old sofa and love seat wish I seen this before. Well before I bought a new one