Thursday, October 14, 2010

The art of Vinyl

I've been looking for some wall coverings or pictures of some sort to put behind my couch in my main living area. I have a shelf pretty high on the wall so I need something below it. I've been looking in to the vinyl lettering and pictures more and more lately. In my search, I've found myself spending more time over at Etsy. I'm falling in love with the vinyl wall art. Yes, I know it's a little old and trendy, people have been doing it for years, but I never wanted to get in to the trend. Am I too late? Another option I've been toying with is the old vinyl wall sayings. I love this saying too.

Life Not Measured by Breath
Ornate Tree with Birds Vinyl

My walls are a neutral, light color; my shelf above gets changed around with the season; and my couch is about the same color as the one pictured below. As you can see, my walls really need something...

(Similar only in color.)

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