Friday, October 22, 2010

Kitchen/Dining Room Table

One thing I wish I had was a new Kitchen Table. I know, from the contents of this blog, you would think I'm not very happy with our current furniture. I am, I'm grateful we have what we have. It's just that a lot of what we own has been handed down from older siblings.

My current table has grooves in it, which would be fine but they are a gunk magnet. If there is anything on the table that you need to wipe off, chances are, a lot of it is going to end up in these grooves. The table is really cute but this really bothers me. It came from my sister, who has a couple small kids... Lets just say, it normally has a table cloth on it now. This is the only picture I can find of it right now and it happens that we are creating gingerbread houses in this. Can you imaging what sort of stuff stayed there from that? Appetizing huh? You can see the lighter areas of the table, those are the groves. I just don't know the best way of re-finishing this to fill in the groves.

Below are a few from my wish list. There are only a few requirements for now, the list might grow:
  1. No Grooves
  2. No Glass
  3. Must have room to fit at least 6 adults (possibly more)
  4. Needs to match my kitchen
Frisco 5-piece Dining Set
7-Piece Casual Country Dining Table

Monreau 7-piece Antique Oak Dinette Set

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