Monday, November 8, 2010

The Oddest of the Odd Gifts

I've been looking online a lot lately at some of the ideas different websites offer for Christmas gifts . I laughed so hard when I saw some of these, I had to share them. First of all, actually has a page dedicated entirely to Odd Gifts. Which is pretty funny in itself. But I wanted to share some of my favorites. If I see any of these under my tree, they better be for someone else.
Hilbilly Skating Butt Pad
Hug Me Pillow

Piggy Wiggly Tongs

Milk Moo Milk Dispenser

Could you imagine getting or even giving ANY of these things to your Mom or Dad or even sweet little Grammie?? I guess you'd have to have the perfect person to give something like any of the above to...

My favorite though? Yeah, totally the Hilbilly Butt Pads! Are those for real??


  1. Creative gifts! I love them! thanks for sharing! cheap dresses online

  2. China Women's ClothingI have to say that I think A would be adorable!! I can also see a shirt paired with a black and striped shirt :) I LOVE your projects. The dress looks fabulous!! I think they're all nice.